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The great Elon Musk once said “Who controls the memes, controls the Universe”. Known for their funny and unique humour, memes that started off as inside jokes, are now the key tool for brands to boost their social media following.

For every memer whose creativity is apar, we appreciate your social service and to honour your valuable contribution we invite you to join us to one of the most fun events at IGNITE 3.0!

It's time to put all those years of meme knowledge to good use! Thou have been appointed as the 'rider and provider of memes' so that your clients may market their ideas or products through your memes.

So, what are you waiting for? Join, and flex your meme skills to its max!
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Mar 24, 2021
Registration Deadline
Mar 22, 2021
First prize
🥇₹ 5,000
Second prize
🥈₹ 2,000
Third prize
🥉₹ 1,000
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No, interested candidates have to participate individually.

A creative mind and the ability to convert creative thoughts into hilarious memes!

Anyone who's blessed with the art of memes. Your field of study does not matter. Be it technical or non-technical, everyone is welcome to participate!

Creativity of the meme, how captivating and easy it is for the masses to understand, and how unique the meme is. To be explained in detail on day of event.

Yes! In fact, try to embed the theme in your meme to get better scores from the judges!

Big prizes to be won along with a chance to showcase your meme-making skills! Plus you'll be eligible for great status quo for your creativity, not to mention the limitless bragging rights.

Strict prohibition on the use of foul language. This can lead to direct disqualification. Please try to keep it PG-13.

Sorry to hear that! You can write us at and we will get back to you ASAP!